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    Hero Update: Cyborg

    Shock Flight (AS)
    Rush forward with a burst of energy, leaving a trail of electricity that stuns and damages enemies.
    Orbital beam (AD)
    Cyborg calls in an orbital strike from space. Deals massive damage.
    Cross Beam (ASD)
    Launch forward a beam that zig-zags while stunning and damaging enemies caught by it.…

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    Hero Update: Succubus

    *Buy Succubus during our ONE-TIME ONLY package promotion at a lowered price*
    +10 Succubus Package – 42,000 ZP
    Succubus is a new RARE hero who specializes in seductive attacks alongside her trusty whip.
    Charm (AS) – Succubus sends out a spell to charm her enemies and lure them back to her.…

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    Hero Update Jin Kisaragi

    Hero Update [3/5/14]
    This weeks hero update introduces Jin Kisaragi, brother of Ragna the Bloodedge.
    Jin Kisaragi is a new premium hero that reigns from the BlazBlue series. He utilizes a combination of melee attacks and frost magic to defeat his enemies.…

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    Hero Update Mai Shiranui

    Hero Update: Mai Shiranui
    February 5th, 2014
    This week’s newest hero is Mai Shiranui.
    Mai Shiranui is a character developed by SNK for the Fatal Fury & The King of Fighters series.
    She is a premium hero that uses her ninjutsu and flames to attack a target.…

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    Snow Town Events and More!

    Monster Mode – Snow Town
    Whether you want to call it an Adventure Mode or PVE Mode, our newest Monster Mode Snow Town is here!Battle through Snow Town and it’s residents to defeat the Snow Princess!
    When: 01/09/2014
    What: Monster Mode – Snow Town is now available

    Fight for Snow Town!…

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