Lost Saga Heroes

The Lost Saga comprises of a variety of different heroes, each of these heroes bring skill and power unlike the next. A unprecedented gameplay experience can be performed from the recruitment of any of these heroes. Fighters, swordsman, magicians, machines and mythical beings are available for your choosing. Find the latest information about each Hero as well as player discussion, skills, guides and videos.

Premium Hero
Sol Badguy Sol Badguy.gifChaos Dahlia LS ChaosDahlia.gifSpecial Force Special Forces.gifXiao Long Kung Fu Master.gifJin Kisaragi Jin Kisaragi.gif
Hazama LS HazamaIcon.gifRagna LS RagnaIcon.gifExorcist LS ExoricstIcon.gifPriest LS PriestIcon.gifMagic Lancer LS MagicLancerIcon.gif
Iori Yagami LS Iori YagamiSwordsman Baek Baek Swordsman Hero
Shadow Assassin Shadow Assassin.gifIron Knight Iron Knight.gifTao Warrior Tao Warrior.gifSavage Berserker Savage Berserker.gifBoxing Champ Boxing Champ.gif
Viking Raider Viking Raider.gifSmile Joker Smile Joker.gifJustice Defender Justice Defender.gifKage Ninja Kage Ninja.gifDesert Blader Desert Blader.gif
Grim Reaper Grim Reaper.gifTaekwon Master Taekwon Do Master.gifGrand Templar Grand Templar.gifWild Tiger Wild Tiger.gifDeath Knight Death Knight.gif
Lost Samurai Lost Samurai.gifGladiator Gladiator.gifRunning Back LS RBIcon.gifPro Wrestler LS ProWrestlerIcon.gifLancer LS UnicornLancerLogo.gif
Hawkeye LS HawkeyeIcon.gifChieftain LS ChiefIcon.gifMonkey King LS MKIcon.gifCapoeira LS CAPIcon.gifMuay Thai LS MuayThaiIcon.gif
Staff Master Staff-Master-Hero.gifGatogacha Gatogacha-Hero.gifZhao Yun Zhao-Yun-Hero.gifV-Mechanic V-Mech-Hero.gifCard Magician LS Card Magician
King Arthur King-Arthur-Hero.gifBarbarian Barbarian-Hero.gif
Robin Hood Robin Hood.gifMusketeer Musketeer.gifSpace Trooper Space Trooper.gifCowboy Cowboy.gifInfantryman Infantryman.gif
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter.gifMafia Boss Mafia Boss.gifDevil Ranger LS DevilRangerIcon.gif
Fire Mage Fire Mage.gifIce Mage Ice Mage.gifDark Shaman Dark Shaman.gifCyber Medic Cyber Medic.gifLightning Mage Lightning Mage.gif
Necromancer Necromancer.gifWitch Witch.gif
Crazy Sapper Crazy Sapper.gifCaptain Hook Captain Hook.gifHeavy Crasher Heavy Crasher.gifPuppeteer LS PPIcon.gifRockstar LS RockstarIcon.gif
Werewolf LS WerewolfIcon.gif