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Infantryman Hero

InfantrymenInfantry Many Logo

Along with the Fire Mage, the Infantryman proudly stands as one of the top damage-dealing heroes because of his machine gun. Not only can he dole out the damage, he can protect from it as well with a barricade made of sandbags to block opponents and their attacks. Occasionally, he will start a military drill, confusing the enemy and making them march towards their doom.


Skill PictureSkill TypeKeysDescription
Weapon SkillWeapon Skill-SDBarrage:

When cover fire is needed, or many enemies are charging at him, the Infantryman can use the Barrage ability where he fires a whole magazine load of bullets. Any enemies caught in the barrage get knocked down.
Armor SkillArmor SkillASDGrenade:

Sometimes enemies will try to find cover or be in places not reachable by bullets. The Infantryman can use a grenade to dig out his opponents.
Helm SkillHelm SkillA-DDrill Sgt.

Years of army service has made the Infantry man a master of authority. His sense of authority is so great that when he puts on the Drill Sergeant hat, he can command even his enemies to do a march.
Trinket SkillTrinket SkillAS-Barricade

Sometimes there may be no cover for the Infantryman to use. Barricade allows him to deploy his own personal cover.


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