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Ragna Hero


Lost Saga welcomes Ragna. Ragna brings to the table a multitude of combos at his disposal. He’s able to effectively keep an opponent in the air by stringing together his skill combos or using his basic, dash, and air attacks. Ragna’s coming for glory and he doesn’t feel like leaving without getting it.


Skill PictureSkill TypeKeysDescription
Weapon SkillWeapon Skill-SDInferno:

Slice your opponents and carry them into the air.
Weapon SkillWeapon Skill 2-SDBlack Onslaught:

When Ragna’s HP is low his weapon skill turns into Black Onslaught which has massive range and damage when used.
Armor SkillArmor SkillASDDevour:

Ragna sweeps the area grabbing an opponent. Repeated D taps will cause more swipes to occur.
Helmet SkillHelm SkillA-DHell’s Fang:

Ragna grabs and launches his opponent into the air. Can be used in the air.
Trinket SkillTrinket SkillAS-NotOverYet:

Ragna picks up a fallen opponent and releases them for a half faint.


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