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Shadow Assassin

Shadow AssassinsShadow AssassinsIf you’re looking for a hero that has stealth, stun and slashes with murderous claws,then you need the sneaky and deadly Shadow Assassin. He throws his bamboo hat at incoming foes and spits up a green, and disgusting, cloud of poisonous gas to blackout the target (there’s a rumor that it is actually his bad breath). His mighty triple-dash and combo attacks send stunned opponents into the air. These are the reasons why the Shadow Assassin is the number one to look out for when your HP is low.


Skill PictureSkill TypeKeysDescription
Weapon SkillWeapon Skill-SDAssinate:Focusing all his concentration on his blades, the Shadow Assassin lounges forward to do a mighty strike with both blades.
Armor SkillArmor SkillASDStealth:Once activated The Shadow Assassin turns invisible. The Shadow Assassin has perfected the skill “Stealth” so much that even in Broad day light he appears invisible.
Helm SkillHelm SkillA-DHat-A-RangFlicking his hat with such power and intensity, the Shadow Assassin will knock down anyone in his path when he throws his hat!
Trinket SkillTrinket SkillAS-Toxic BreathAfter taking a sip of poison the Shadow Assassin defiles the air infront with a toxic cloud. Enemies that inhale this deadly concoction slow down and slowly die.


Skill Combos
Combo 1
Combo 2
Combo 3


Training Quests
Basic TrainingShadow Assassin Training Begins10100--
Combat TrainingPlay Shadow Assassin for 5 minutes.50--Weapon 3 Days (+1)
Combat Mastery TestPlay Shadow Assassin for 20 minutes.50500Finding Your Master-
Mission Number 1Play FactionWar/Ladder Match as Shadow Assassin for 40 minutes.1001000Basic Assassination-
Prove your skillsUndead Shadow Assassin KO 6 times.2502500--
Proof of StrengthMiniboss Shadow Assassin KO 8 times.2502500New Age HatGear Chest x2
For your lost teammatesUndead Shadow Assassin KO 800 times.5005000--
Requiem for your teammatesMiniboss Shadow Assassin KO 8 times.5005000Assassin’s StrengthLegendary Chest



Hero Level Quests
Steps of a ShadowShadow Assassin Level 10Path of ShadowTrinket 10 Days (+5)
Find WithinShadow Assassin Level 20-Helm 10 Days (+10)
Claw TrainShadow Assassin Level 30Claw TrainingArmor 10 Days (+20)
Basics of PoisonShadow Assassin Level 40-Weapon 10 Days (+20)
Drink PoisonShadow Assassin Level 50Swallowed PoisonTrinket 30 Days (+25)
Special HatShadow Assassin Level 60- Helm 30 Days (+25)
Ultimate SkillShadow Assassin Level 70Hidden DangerArmor 30 Days (+25)
Shadow StepsShadow Assassin Level 80-Weapon 30 Days (+25)
Behind You!Shadow Assassin Level 90I’m Behind YouPermanent Gear Chest
Shadow Assasin MasterShadow Assassin Level 100Shadow MasterPermanent Legendary Chest

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